About Us

Who We Are.

Our work is anchored in our mission to do good with a capital G. Our team knows that success is not only based on the quality of our work; it's down to our attitude, our approach and our focus on helping our communities.

Meet the founders

Paul Bausch — CEO/ Co-Founder

The Mastermind.

Paul has been deeply involved in the travel and tourism industry for over 20 years; leading teams across marketing, technology, strategy (M&A), and operations. Most recently, Paul was the Senior Vice President, Strategic Development with Entertainment Benefits Group (EBG), the largest private travel and entertainment company in the United States where he executed M&A transactions totaling over $250MM. Prior to EBG, Paul held leadership positions with NewYork.com and Broadway.com.


Peter Flower — CRO/ Co-Founder

The Guy Who Knows a Guy.

Peter has been in the travel and tourism business for over 26 years. As founder and CEO of Flower Publishing, Peter put out three of the most distributed tourism-focused publications in New York City: The New York City Pocket Guide, The International Multilingual Guide to New York, and The Japanese Travel Guide to New York. In 2017, Peter launched the digital platform GoVisitNYC.com, where visitors can create their itineraries, book hotels, search events and much more.


Farah Lopez — COO/ Co-Founder

The "Vibe" Architect.

As Discount Club’s Chief Operating Officer, Farah brings nearly 15 years of strategy, creative critical thinking, and tech design to direct operations, culture and transformation, as well as build high-value experiences for customers, partners, and employees. She oversees strategy execution, branding, customer success, customer and partner experience, and overall company culture. A transformational leader and artist at heart, Farah has learned over the years that she works best when she can align herself with a concept and the people behind a project.